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Arciemme Active

Celebrating Every Body

Personal Training

Personal, individually-tailored health and fitness sessions, with face-to-face and online services available. (Based in Walthamstow, UK, E17 5RS. )​

All ages, shapes, sizes and abilities welcome.

Fees for 1-1 sessions:

Single hour-long sessions:                                  £35 per session

Ten sessions paid in advance:                              £30 per session (£300 total)

Twenty sessions paid in advance:                       £25 per session (£500 total) 

Your initial no-obligation consultation (45 minutes-1 hour) is free.

Most PT sessions will take place in the Garden Gym (E17 5RS) but in some circumstances, it might be possible for me to take sessions in clients' homes, and during the warmer, drier months I also take some sessions outside in local parks.   

My face-to-face working hours are currently limited to weekdays, between 08:30 and 15:00. I realise that these hours are difficult for people who work full-time during the day. If you are unable to take sessions during these hours, or if you live too far away, take a look at my Online Support page